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Tomash Voyk: “I am aware I can win 3 gold medals in Tyumen”

22 August 2014

The winner and medalists of the junior men’s sprint competition shared their thoughts about the race.

Tomash Voyk (Czech Republic): “I am happy I won the race, everything was going smoothly for me: I did not have any problems at the shooting range, I felt good at the course, did not have any problems with the roller skis. Of course I understand that I can win 3 gold medals here in Tyumen, but I’m trying not to think about it, and instead I’m trying to focus on doing my job as best as I can.”

Matheush Yanik (Poland): “I’m really happy with this silver medal. I was shooting too fast and I did not expect to make so many mistakes. But when I finished the second shooting, I found out that I was second, so I tried to be as fast as possible to be able to finish in the second place. I think this award is very important for the whole Polish Biathlon Team, because after the retirement of Tomash Sikora we did not have a leader and did not win any medals.  I hope my medal will help with the popularity of Biathlon in Poland”.

Anton Sinapov (Bulgaria): I’ve made many mistakes today during shooting, 3 missed targets – it’s a lot. I don’t know what happened today, but I think me and my coach will discuss everything later. Usually I shoot better from the standing position, so we need to find out what happened”.

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