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Teja Gregorin: “I did not have any difficulties today”

23 August 2014

Teja Gregorin (Slovenia): “Today’s race was good; I did not have any difficulties. I had one penalty and it was entirely my fault. I hope I will not make any mistakes tomorrow. This season I started my training later, therefore I’m not in the shape I was one year ago. I have to pay more attention to shooting and I hope I will continue to perform better. I don’t see much difference between skis and roller skis, although my training is geared towards winter season. I have to say I like it here, the competition is really good. I’ve been here 2 years ago and I have to say that the nature is beautiful here, fans are amazing, and I am happy World Cup will take place here. I really like it here in Tyumen”.

Krystyna Palka (Poland): “I was shocked when I crossed the finish line and found out that two athletes had to share the first place. After finishing we watched the race attentively because other athletes were really good. I am happy that today we have two winners and I am one of them. I think there is a difference between skis and roller skis. Roller skis are the same for everybody, whereas skis are prepared individually and we don’t always do the job of preparing the skis well. I think summer championship is very useful, because it gives us the chance to meet other athletes and test ourselves before the winter season. I like roller skis and I like Tyumen”.

Tiang Jialin (P.R.China): “My third place is an amazing achievement for me personally and for the whole team, although we shouldn’t forget that most of the leading athletes did not come to Tyumen. Before the race we did not think about the medals – and I am very happy. We have two more months before the winter season and we have to practice more and I hope we can improve and surprise with good results”.

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