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Teja Gregorian: “I like contact race”

24 August 2014

Teja Gregorian (Slovenia): “I did not expect to become the best in this Championship, because many great athletes from Czech Republic, Ukraine, Russia competed here. Right now my form is very good and I hope I will keep it up till the winter season. I have to say I like contact race. I came to this conclusion two years before Olympic Games when I started working with professionals who helped me with psychological part of the race. Now I can control myself. After this Championship I do not have time for rest, tomorrow we’re going home to train and to take part in the National Championship”.

Valj Semerenko (Ukraine): “When I missed the target on the 4th shooting range which we approached together with Teja is not a mistake – it’s an error. Today’s result simply shows that Teja is stronger than me. Me and my teammates – we all expected to be in higher positions, therefore we did not achieve our goals. Despite this I am happy with the results. We’ve made mistakes and we need to work and improve them. Today is Ukraine’s Independence Day and I dedicate my medal to this celebration”.

Tang Jialin (China): “I am very happy to have won 2 medals here. Of course roller skis and skis are two different things. Our team does not have many opportunities to train on snow. In our team we are all friends, because we were born on the same year and we all belong to the same generation. I would like to dedicate my medals to my coach, who helped with my transition from junior to women’s team and who taught me everything I know”.

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