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Registration campaign of IBU Summer Biathlon World Championships 2014 Tyumen is over

21 July 2014
Registration campaign for all national federations of IBU Summer Biathlon World Championships 2014 Tyumen is over.

For the present moment there are 29 national biathlon federations registered by the organizing committee: Russia, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Bulgaria, Belgium, Belarus, China, Czech Republic, Spain, Estonia, France, Finland, Great Britain, Greece, Georgia, Hungary, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Serbia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan.

Note that for the present moment there has been finished an official part of the registration campaign for national federations, although if some federations didn't manage to send the application in time, they still have a chance to take part in IBU Summer Biathlon World Championships according to the agreement with IBU. Application deadline is 4th of August, it is the day when the name-registration is finished and the list of participants is formed.

Reminding that team Russia will be formed after select competition which will take place in Tyumen since 24 till 28 of July and also in Otepya (Estonia) on 28th of July.

Join the championships in social networks: official heshteg of the competition is #sb14

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