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Michael Roesch: “I’m happy for myself and for the Belgium team”

24 August 2014

Michael Roesch (Belgium): “The first shooting was not very good for me today, it was windy and I made two mistakes. After I adjusted and managed to shoot clean the remaining targets, and I am happy with my shooting at the standing stage. Last three – four years were very difficult for me, but I’m trying not to think about it and I’m happy for myself and the whole Belgium team”.

Klemen Bauer (Slovenia): “Even though I’ve won second place today, I’m actually not in the best shape right now. It was especially difficult on the last loop, when we were going together with Krasimir. I can’t say it was an easy race. This summer I started training on my own. Also, two months ago my son was born and this affected my training too”.

Krasimir Anev (Bulgaria): “Actually it’s not the first race where I shoot clean and I can say that now I have more experience.  My speed wasn’t very good today and I knew that the only chance I could reach the podium was to shoot clean. I’m not in the best shape right now because I did not prepare for this Championship, my whole training is geared towards the winter season”.

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