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Kristina Ilchenko: “It’s easier to compete at home”

22 August 2014

The champion and medal winners shared their emotions after the race:

Kristina Ilchenko (Russia): In comparison, yesterday’s race was much more difficult for me, sweltering heat made it hard to compete, whereas today’s rain was refreshing. Of course, competing at home always helps. We were training really hard here almost all summer and it shows. As for me, the most important factor is shooting. If my shooting is good, the race is usually good too”.

Lucie Charvatova (Czech Republic): I’m actually happy that I did not take part in yesterday’s race, because it was very hot and the race was very difficult. Today’s rain wasn’t ideal, and I thought that the race will be delayed but I’m happy it didn’t happen. When it comes to the success of the Czech team, we don’t have any secrets - we train hard together and try to do our job well”.

Uliana Kaisheva (Russia):”I had a difficult morning – I was very nervous because I wanted to be in the Top 3, but the race wasn’t as hard as I expected. Actually I thought my overall shape was worse, and I am happy I managed to win the medal.  Many people keep on reminding me about my victory at Youth Olympic Games, but I have to put this behind me and concentrate on winning more medals”.

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