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Dmitriy Gramotin: “We are doing our best to increase the level of event and make it close to the organizational level of winter championships”

30 July 2014
Press-conference concerning the results of sel ect competitions for the IBU Summer Biathlon World Championships has been held in Tyumen.
Speakers of the press-conference:
Dmitriy Gramotin, director of Department of sports and youths politics in Tyumen region
Oleg Kolodiychuk, biathlete of sports training center of Tyumen region, member of Russian national team for IBU Summer Biathlon World Championships
Vladimir Namruev, deputy director of volunteers department of IBU Summer Biathlon World Championships.

Dmitriy Gramotin has concluded the results of the competitions, having announced National teams of men and junior men confirmed by referee committee. Tyumen region will be presented by Ivan Cherezov, Andrey Makoveev and Oleg Kolodiychuk – in mens team, in reserve we have Alexander Loginov, also representing sports training center of Tyumen region. Ivan Pechenkin and Sergey Medvedev are in a junior mens team.

Besides, Dmitriy Gramotin has announced the process of preparation for IBU Summer Biathlon World Championships: “We have lots of organizing questions, concerning meeting of the athletes and transportation of the guns through customs. We need to set all necessary conditions for that, and to note all the significant moments. Concerning “Pearl of Siberia”, we renewed all tracks during summer time, and also we arranged everything according to IBU standards. Main questions concerning tracks organization we managed now, during select competitions – we moved start zone, changed finish zone a bit, changed placement of the cameras for broadcasting. Such an important question as participants meeting is also under our control. According to the IBU request we are trying to level up the organization of Summer Biathlon competitions, to make it closer to the winter ones. We have success already – biathletes fr om more than 28 countries of the world will take part in our event, for the present moment we have 184 athletes to take part in the competitions”.

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