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Anders Besseberg : “Pearl of Siberia – probably the best Biathlon stadium in the world”

23 August 2014

Anderss Besserberg, President of International Biathlon Union, shared his impressions about Summer Biathlon world championship in Tyumen:”First of all, I want to congratulate the President of Russian Biathlon Union and the Governon of Tyumen District with this amazing stadium. Most probably “Pearl of Siberia” is the best Biathlon stadium in the world there is. Few years ago the best biathletes of the world competed here for the Cup of the Governor, and  the Summer Biathlon world Championship 2014 is the first official  event here as a part of IBU schedule. Personally I  regard this championship as a very important event before the winter season and World Cup events, and I can say that organising comittee did a very good job here in Tyumen. Of course, there is always place for improvement, and it’s important to start with smaller events and gain some valuable experience for bigger events, like Biathlon World Cup. Shortly I will receive evaluations fr om Technical Delegate and Race Director, wh ere small technical  errors might be pointed out, but no one has reported any problems so far. We are organising all events for the athletes and coaches and we care about their well being and is a very good sign that no one has complained so far – it’s a good sign showing that everyone is happy with the  existing conditions. Once again I want to congratulate the organising comittee with this success and I hope the remaining few days will be as successful.

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