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Tomas Vojik: “I’m happy I came to Tyumen”

24 August 2014

The winners and medalists shared their emotions after the race and talked about their plans for the future.

Tomas Vojik (Czech Republic): “I’m happy I came to Russia. I did not have a goal to win any medals here in Tyumen, but I am very happy I won. Despite my success here, I have many things to work on; I think I need to improve everything. Since this summer I’m training together with men’s team, and every practice gives me something new, I’m constantly learning and improving.

Matvey Eliseev (Russia):  “Today my shooting was awful, and I have to work on it. Lately something always goes wrong for me although I try to do my best.  Today something was wrong with my psychological preparation, because I started the race well.  Also, I have just arrived fr om Sochi and had to adjust to the altitude, and I’ve had some health issues. These factors affected my first performance, but I had enough time to adjust myself and won a medal. My plans for the upcoming season depend on my coach, my shooting, my form in general, but I would like to try myself in the IBU cup”.

Kristina Ilchenko (Russia): “I’m not entirely happy with my performance today, especially with my shooting from the standing position. During the official training yesterday, my shooting was bad, and I got really worried about it, and it affected my today’s performance. But I managed to pull myself together and finish the race. Of course I was afraid that G.Vishnevskaya will take over me, but my tactic worked well: I started the race slower, and increased the speed at the end.  Training camp in Austria is next in line for me.  This season I will compete with women, wh ere competition is fierce, and the coach will decide if I take part in the IBU cup. 

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